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It's a Boy Girl Thing

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Pon Un Hombre En Tu Vida


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Siren of Bagdad


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 Adult Adventures of Jekyll & Hide

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Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde


 Dr Jekyll & Ms. Hyde

Critters 2 The Main Course


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Dating The Enemy


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 Turnabout   1938

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 Frankenstein Created Woman


Phantom George

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8:30 Comedy Sci-Fi
Director:   Doug Frisby
Doug Frisby

Principal Cast: John Ennis, Joy Stevens, Bart McCarthy

Synopsis: A lifelong dweeb discovers that his ability to "astral project" himself into other people's bodies has some interesting implications for his love life. Oh the possibilities!

We follow him from his early exploring years through his unusual experimental college years. No one (and nothing) is safe until this romantic loser meets the girl of his dreams and tries to make everything normal again. Yeah, like thatíll happen!


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