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All Screwed Up    
Chyna Layne
As TEENISHA, a seventeen year old girl who suffers from ADD.

Jake Waldman
As PETE, the high school basketball star.
Pete, a high school basketball player and Teenisha a loner, are about to go on their greatest journey due to the bite of a rare Elephant Beetle. It’s a teen film dealing with the issues of bullies and loneliness in a comedic way. It is a funny light-hearted film in the same genre as “Freaky Friday” but with twist you definitely won’t see in your standard Hollywood film.











Angela Grillo
as AsenathWaite


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 Maelstrom Productions
Is excited to announce their first feature length film is under way!


H.P. Lovecraft's Strange Aeons, it is a full length adaptation of the short story "The Thing on The Doorstep". Although this may sound like familiar territory, this is not just a lengthier version of our short adaptation of that story. There are several exciting (but very Lovecraftian) twists in the feature that will please fans of Lovecraft and the genre itself.




Our Little Science Storyis  a quirky comedy that follows one night in the life of five roommates. When the chemist, who calls himself Owsley, blows himself up in the basement lab, it’s left to garage-rocker Virgil and the others to clean up the mess.

But Owsley's not really dead, he's just temporarily "misplaced"...into the body of his beautiful roommate Paige, sending her off to a phone booth in ZombieLand.


Paige has something...or someone...inside her, and Elmore isn't quite sure what she may have in mind.
Confused? So are Owsley's roommates. Especially when Paige starts exhibiting some very odd behavior. Like chasing her best friend C.J. with a kitchen knife, or coming on to Elmore, a computer geek, then leaving him tied up and dangling from his mouse cord.

And what about those two teeny-boppers sneaking through the house, trying to auction off Virgil's boxer shorts? Or Virgil's ex-girlfriend seeking advice about her new boyfriend?

It's a comic night of romance, body swapping, and teenybopper fan-clubs.






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Mick Garris

By Mick Garris

Jamie (Henry Thomas), a newly divorced young man who creates artificial flavors for the food industry, suddenly and inexplicably starts to experience brief and random flashes from someone - and somewhere - unknown: sight, sound, smell, touch. Learning that he's experiencing life through the senses of a mysterious woman, he begins to fall in love with her - without having met her. Eventually, he discovers a horrifying secret that binds him inexorably with the perfect woman in an erotic, horrifying dance of death.



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