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Journey to a world of evil wizardry, mystic warriors, and violent
passions...A world where only the most powerful survive.
'Deathstalker' is the mighty warrior chosen to battle the evil forces of
a strange medieval planet.

Rated R, (C) 1984, On-Video, Cast: (Codille) Barbi Benton
In an attempt to ambush the hero, a magician transforms a male guard into Barbi Benton.



Runtime: USA:80
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Genre: Action / Adventure

Directed by

John Watson (V)

Rick Hill (III) .... Deathstalker
Barbi Benton .... Codille
Richard Brooker .... Oghris
Lana Clarkson .... Kaira
Victor Bo .... Kang
Bernard Erhard.... Munkar
August Larreta .... Salmaron
Lillian Ker .... Toralva
Marcos Woinsky .... Gargit
Adrian De Piero .... Nicor
George Sorvic .... King Tulak
Boy Olmi .... Young Man
Horace Marassi .... Creature Leader
Patrick Duggan .... Colobri
Maria Fournery ...

Rating: R

Lifted from:

The film opens with a guy ready to force himself on a bound female. Enter a bunch of ugly savages and the guy takes off. Enter Deathstalker who kills everyone but the bound female who is very quick to show her thanks as well as her breasts. Deathstalker winds up saving a witch from the evil Munkar's men, who then goes into this spiel about the powers of creation-a sword, an amulet, and a chalice. Munkar has the chalice and the amulet but the sword is in a cave. Deathstalker goes to the cave where he meets this
short, really ugly dude who tells him he's been living under a curse. Enter this tall, really ugly guy. Deathstalker gets the magic sword and makes short work of the tall, ugly guy. Here's where it gets really interesting. Deathstalker turns into a kid and leads the short, ugly guy out of the cave where he falls in a pool of water and reverts to his human form.  Deathstalker reverts too. It didn't make any sense to me either. DS meets up with a guy going to Munkar's tournament with the winner becoming Munkar's heir. They in turn meet a topless woman also going to the tournament. Munkar's plan is for the tournament fighters to kill each other and he offs the winner thereby eliminating all threats to his rule, which, as far as plans go, is a pretty good one. All the entrant's are at Munkar's place. Munkar shows off Princess Codille (Barbi Benton). A fight ensues. Later, Munkar transforms one of his henchmen into Codille in order to kill DS. The plan fails but leads ultimately to the death of the before mentioned topless woman. The tournament begins, leading to some pretty good fight scenes. If you think DS wins the tournament, you'd be right. Big finale. Deathstalker vs Munkar. Munkar throws illusions at DS. DS throws Munkar to the rabble who are in the mood for some old fashioned drawn and quartering. Exit Munkar. Deathstalker destroys the three objects of creation. The end.


"I've taken some treasure here and a girl from valley and I'll share them with you"

"This isn't your day is it" Deathstalker to the guy he just killed

"This isn't my day either" Deathstalker after his coitus is interrupted

"Heroes and fools are the same thing"

"I live in this damp cave trapped eating mice, moths, bugs and you come here looking for gifts"

"That doesn't sound like much of a prize to me, inheriting everything from a sorcerer who never dies"

"It's gone" uttered during the man-into-woman trick

What a great movie. A kickin' soundtrack, swordfights, magic, a satisfactory amount of tits and ass to please any barbarian, in
short, everything you need for a sword and sorcery epic. Well worth the watch.



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All pics from AVI Video of Transformation scene By
The TG Mad Scientist


Thanks TG Mad Scientist!


Troy Whigham   writes:

Date: 28 February 1999

Summary: Best reason to see this film: Lana Clarkson

This is the first of a 4-movie series, and it is the best of the lot. Rick Hill does a decent
job as a leather-clad adventurer on his way to a warrior's tournament. He comes upon
an evil guy dragging a flaxen-haired but dirty-faced slave girl through the woods. He kills
the evil guy, frees the slave girl, and she allows him to pull down her filthy slave blouse
and kiss her. That's the first nude scene, and it ain't much.

A bit later Rick has teamed up with another warrior and an older gentlemen also on their
way to the tournament. They come upon some soldiers ransacking a farm, and in a
decent fight scene they manage to kill the soldiers and rescue the family before moving
on. Later that night they realize that they are being followed, so Rick's buddy scouts out
into the darkness. He finds Lana Clarkson wearing little else than a mask, a robe, and a
pair of boots. And a very large broadsword. And brother, am I glad.

When I rented this, the only name I recognized was Barbi Benton, long-time Playboy
bunny, Hugh Hefner mansion mistress, and somewhat-famous actress (she even had a
top guest starring role on an episode of the original "Love Boat"). The downside is that
Barbi doesn't really show us much, er, talent. The real looker is blonde-haired Lana
Clarkson, who is very pleasing to the eyes and also knows how to swing that
broadsword. Now that's a woman!

As you might have guessed, in an outfit like that Lana was eventually gonna have a
soft-porn scene with Rick, which is actually well-done as far as "R" movies go. The
scene lasts about as long as it took you to read this paragraph.

They arrive at the castle where the evil king is having a great feast the night before the
tournament. As a prelude to the next day's entertainment, he brings out Barbi (who is
wearing a sheer white gown) and chains her to a rock at the top of some stairs. The evil
king announces that whomever gets to the top can have his way with Barbi. Naturally,
our hero wants in on the action, defeats all comers, and upon reaching the top of the
stairs has a change of heart and releases Barbi. Such a waste of potential, in my opinion.
I think it would've been interesting for Rick to have Barbi, to have Lana get jealous
about it, and have her and Barbi duke it out in the tournament bare fisted (and eventually
bare-chested), with the winner getting Rick. Oh well. They didn't ask me to make this

>From there the movie pretty much goes downhill. It's an ugly downward spiral that
continues through the next three movies. Lana Clarkson fans will enjoy this film because
you can fastforward through the dialogue and get to the nude scenes. Rick Hill fans
looking for a good plot will be better off watching him in "I, The Jury" with Armand
Assante, where he plays a crazed professional killer who has a thing for redheads.

As for Barbi Benton, get a back issue of "Playboy". She really doesn't contribute much
to this film. And I never really cared for her as a model, either.

..From the Internet Movie Database


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