Change of Life
Highway To Heaven

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Michael Landon


Michael Landon .......   Jonathon
Victor French  ..........  Mark Gordon
Anne-Marie Martin ...  Linda Blackwell
John McCook ...........  Todd Jeffries
Gregg Mullavey ........  Sam Quigly

Written by:   Dan Gordon
Rating: Not rated
  Television episode from the 80's series
Highway To Heaven

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This is my favorite episode of the 1980's TV series "Highway to Heaven."   Jonathon and Mark are sent on a mission to help Mark's ex-police buddy, Sam Quigley.  Mark is kept in the dark as exactly what their mission is.   Mark's troubles are just beginning as they arrive at a hollywood movie set after Mark gets a traffic ticket from a female police officer.

  Mark seems to be making a lot of sexist remarks lately. He is really embarressed when he finds out that he is posing as a hairdresser for a beautiful actress named, Linda Blackwell.
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  Mark and Linda get into the classic argument as to who has life tougher, men or women. And when they both wish to God that they could change places and they do!

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  At first, Linda is hysterical to be in Mark's body, but after Jonathon explains that they must "walk a mile in each other's moccasins" then the "Boss" would put them back.  Linda/Mark is tickled when she sees Mark/Linda stand up to and coldcock an obnoxiuos womanizing actor (McCook - Bold & Beautiful).  She also enjoys pizza while Mark in Linda's slim body must diet on hot lemon juice.

  Mark struggles with high heels and Linda's mobs of fans and in the end helps his buddy Sam get up the courage to open up to the woman he loves, Linda.

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  As a family hour TV show, it is quite mild with the usual humours mix-ups, like which rest room to use and using the wrong pronouns -" her, her, him-her!" etc.. It is however, light hearted fantasy and fun.

Probably extremely hard to find. Might show up as a re-run on cable, especially since the huge sucess of "Touched by an Angel."



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