Mesmer's Bauble

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Object: A crystal pendant necklace (Mesmer's bauble)
Original airdate: 5-1-89

Writer:                             Joe Gannon
Director:     Armand Mastroianni

Guest cast:
Vanity  ........................ Angelica

Martin Neufeld ... Howard Moore

Eve Crawford ........... Mrs. Burns

Tony de Santis  ................ Roger

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The Secret Agenda of Mesmer's Bauble

   Mesmer was the first hypnotist. He used the crystal pendant to hypnotize his patients. The bauble was stolen from a jewelry store, but dropped by the crooks, and pickedup by a homely record-store clerk, who was obsessed with a sexy pop singer, Angelica. The bauble granted wishes. Youcould hypnotize someone with it, and that person would do whatever you ask, but you must kill them. Once dead, the bauble would grant you any wish, one wish per death. The clerk killed three people, and in the process, gained goodlooks, all-access concert passes, and the love of Angelica. But it wasn't enough. The clerk, now working for Angelica as a publicist, wanted to *be* Angelica. At his apartment, he makes a wish to become Angelica, the two of them melting together, so the real Angelica turns into a puddle of goo. The new Angelica goes to her concert, and sings in her place. Micki and Ryan are at the concert, in the mosh pit, when they see the bauble around Angelicas neck. The bauble must be worn at all times. If removed, everything goes back to the way it was before you made any wishes. Status: Micki grabs the bauble as Angelica leans down to sing to the audience. After hideously impressive special effects, "Angelica" turns back into the ugly store-clerk. The bauble is returned to the vault, but Micki and Ryan can'thelp but feel guilty for the death of the pop diva.

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