Gilligan's Island
Friendly Physician

 A mad scientist (guest appearance by Vito Scotti) lands on the island and takes the Castaways to his castle ....on a nearby islandů to perform experiments on them.  (NOTE: This is the only episode in which the Castaways actually leave the island, but they return in a boat which sinks in the lagoon before they are able to grab some things and head back to Hawaii!)



2nd Season
April 7, 1966

Episode: 29

Written by
Elroy Schwartz

Directed by
Jack Arnold

Bob Denver .... Gilligan
Alan Hale Jr. .... The Skipper
Jim Backus .... Thurston Howell III
Natalie Schafer .... Mrs. Lovey Howell
Tina Louise .... Ginger Grant
Russell Johnson .... The Professor
Dawn Wells .... Mary Ann Summers
Charles Maxwell .... Radio Announcer (voice)
Mike Mazurki .... Igor
Vito Scotti .... Physician

Rating: TV  G
  Television episode

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