Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
You've Got Nine Lives

Wayne invents a Neuron Nudger (which we will see for many episodes to come )  Bianca sets a plan to destroy Wayne and steal his inventions. Diane accidently turns the neuron nudger on and got her brain into a Bianca's cat and the cat's brain into her body. Wayne accidently switchs his brain with Quark's. Can the kids stop Bianca and get their parents back? Wuf! Wuf! and Meow! Near the end everyone's brains are in someone else's body. 

Try and figure who brain is in who's and try to figure out how all the brains got to the right person.   A little puzzle for the viewers :)



1st Season
November 1, 19
Episode: 6

Writen By
Dan Studney, Jim Lincoln
Robert Ginty

Peter Scolari .... Wayne
Barbara Alyn Woods .... Diane/Gordon
Hillary Tuck .... Amy/Nick
Thomas Dekker
.... Nick

Bharbara Egan .... Mabel
Hair .... Pound Employee
Alex Hudson .... Tommy
Jarchow .... Gordon Jennings/Amy
David Lereaney .... Mr. Patterson
Thierry P. Nihill .... Russell
Valarie Pittsford .... Bianca Fleisch







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