3rd Rock
Two-Faced Dick

The Big Giant Head grants Sally's wish to change
genders, so Dick and Sally's bodies get switched. Harry takes over Happy Doug's bar when Doug
goes on vacation.

3rdrock1.jpg (41421 bytes)
"Oh, my god. I'm gorgeous!"


January 5, 1999 
Episode: 411

Written by
Gil Goldberg

Directed by

Terry Hughes

The Carsey-Werner Company

Jane Curtin (Dr. Mary Albright)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tommy Solomon)
Kristen Johnston (Sally Solomon)
Simba Khali (Nina)
John Lithgow (Dick Solomon)
French Stewart (Harry Solomon)
Elmarie Wendel (Mrs. Dubcek)

Rating: TV PG
  Television episode


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I don't give a damn who you are! If
you guys don't work together, you're going to lose Don and Mary."

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"You'd better excuse you! My boyfriend here is a cop!"

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